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Sponges/Hand Pads

6006500 Sponge, Melamine

SDS Used to clean heel marks and other scuffs from walls, painted brick and baseboards. Must be used according to package directions to lengthen the life of the product. 4 pack box sold by the box

6006320 Sponges, Blue/Navy 3000

Blue pad/blue sponge. New multi-purpose abrasive pad. Aggressive cleaning action but abrasive is coated so it does less damage to surfaces than green pads. 20/box sold by the box

6006264 Sponges #63, Yellow/White

Light duty abrasive pad/sponge. Useful for daily removal of bonded soils on restroom fixtures.  Even this mild abrasive will eventually wear away chrome on faucets, flush valves and painted surfaces. 20/box sold by the box